Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance
Velasquez Landscaping and Tree Service provide Lawn & Landscape Maintenance.

Lawn and landscape maintenance is an integral part of our service whether we designed your landscape or not. Proper lawn maintenance means not only timely mowing and trimming but also providing quality nutrients essential for healthy turfgrass growth. Keeping the lawn thick and healthy helps reduce the need for weed control.

We have several different lawn maintenance programs and price options to choose from. Velasquez Landscaping and Tree Service can service your yard every week, every two weeks, or for the best deal, we have a year-round agreement with no contract unless you prefer one. You might even be one of those people who do your lawn but sometimes get a little too busy to take care of it. Just give us a call when you need us. We are fully equipped to handle large commercial or any sized residential property. We are licensed and insured, and we also carry workman's comp. So for a free consultation on all your lawn maintenance needs give us a call today.